197 Church Street, Parramatta

197 Church Street, Parramatta

To celebrate the International Design Excellence competition won by GroupGSA, in collaboration with Spanish Architect Rafael De La-Hoz, a bespoke marketing brochure was designed to promote the futuristic design of 197 Church Street, Parramatta.

The graphics team at GroupGSA have created a document that is visually engaging, and succinctly explains the conceptual thinking and explorations, as well as the building’s functionalities including amenities, solar compliance and layout.

An editorial design approach was taken to best convey the different aspects of the project, so it felt like its own architectural magazine. One of the main challenges of this brochure was to create a publication for anyone to read – not just architects – to engage with the building.

With the challenges came opportunities, and as graphic designers we were able to experiment with typography, imagery and layout within a structured grid system. It was also a great opportunity for architecture and graphic design to align to showcase the award winning design.

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