Link Group Melbourne

Link Group Melbourne

One Company – Connected

Building upon rapid expansion, business acquisitions and technology investment, Link Group’s new Melbourne base located in Tower 4, Collins Square forms part of their global growth strategy. The move presented them with an opportunity to redefine their corporate vision through a bespoke environmental graphics system.

The project provided a dynamic connected workplace accommodating Link’s 2200 employees within an environment focused on supporting the health and wellbeing of the employee and responsive to the continued growth of the business. Integral to its success is the integration of a 260sqm void spanning ten floors and anchored by a 15 storey vertical green wall.

Project Brief

The custom designed 25,000sqm workplace is spread over 10 interconnecting storeys, with the dominant architectural feature being a 15 storey vertical green wall and void space. The GroupGSA Graphics Team was engaged to support and strengthen the workplace interiors, primarily through the use of branded environmental graphics.

The main areas identified for graphics were on either side of the green wall, with multiple floors visible at any one time from the atrium and internal stairways. Graphics were also required in all lift lobbies and across office glazing for privacy.

One of the main objectives of the project was to seamlessly integrate the graphics with the interior fit out, but also visually connect the open workspace.

Graphic Concept

Evolving the new design from the existing circular brand language, and drawing heavily from the green wall, the initial concepts explored a very organic, DNA like structure representing the Link Group of the future – one company, connected.

Keeping the concept rooted in Link’s core of information and technology, the 10 storey graphic structure was interpreted as data streams weaving their way up and down the building, promoting connectivity. The individual circles began to visually represent the multitude of data moving throughout the company and by varying the density, colour and size of the circles, the design team were able to manipulate the overall impact the graphics would have on the staff.

To make things more complex, the graphics needed to work from a distance as a whole system, but also at close range in isolation. The solution came in the main streams of dots which are visible from almost anywhere on the floor being supported by a very intricate mesh system which only becomes evident at close range. To tie the system back to the brand, the mesh was coloured in Link’s corporate orange which subtly reinforces a connected, unified company.

Where possible the existing branding devices were used for meeting room graphics to retain brand connection. There was further opportunity to develop the brand language through Link Group’s value statements which are located in all but the corporate floor lift lobbies.

The building’s core was painted black, and by retaining the curvy organic nature of the green wall environmental graphics, staff are led in and out of the space by a sophisticated arrangement of flowing horizontal dots.

Design Challenges & Solutions

The challenges faced by the design team included evolving the brand language into a large scale environmental setting, visually uniting many businesses under one umbrella, and complementing the enormous green wall. Not having extensive branding guidelines was seen as a rare opportunity to design a new environmental graphic system that was uniquely bespoke for the space.

The response from employees and leadership to their new environment has been extraordinarily positive. Link Group is extremely happy with their new Melbourne base, so much so, that they now hold their Annual General Meetings there instead of Sydney, as a way of showcasing their vision and values to their stakeholders.

By utilising the unique green wall and void space, and successfully extending their brand language, Link Group now has a work environment that is calming and supportive of its corporate values, but more importantly has set a benchmark for its workplace culture, well into the future.

Link group was awarded Gold at the 2017 Melbourne Design Awards for Graphic Design – Environmental category.
It was also a finalist in the 2017 AGDA Design Awards in the Spatial category.
Both of these awards celebrate creativity and innovation in the intersection of communication design and the built environment.

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