Macquarie University Innovation Hub

Macquarie University Innovation Hub

Designing the future

In early 2016 GroupGSA was invited to submit a proposal for Macquarie University’s new innovation hub, which was required to be operational within twelve months.

The main objective of the proposal was to communicate our understanding of innovation hubs, what they are, what they do, how they operate and how the architecture of a building needs to respond to these requirements.

The foundation of our proposal was actually not to be an architectural solution, but rather an insight into how we would formulate our thinking and approach to designing an innovation hub.

Submission guidelines stated no more than six A4 pages could be submitted, or equivalent if alternative media was used. With subject matter firmly front of mind, the team immediately started designing a unique digital interactive proposal.

To make the most impact and illustrate our approach clearly, we created a video as the opening page. We figured that if we couldn’t get our thinking across in a short video we would never have a shot at winning.

A script was hatched from several brainstorming sessions and workshops with the recent graduates at GroupGSA to get relevant insights into what they would have loved from an innovation hub at their university.

The five remaining pages explored Architectural Spaces, Technology, Structure, Partnerships and Play

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