Telstra x Google Retail Activation

Telstra x Google

'Wild Things' Retail Activation

Imagination was engaged to develop and deliver a disruptive, memorable and shareable brand experience in key Australian shopping centre locations in the lead up to Christmas.

We were tasked with bringing the Google app ecosystem to life through a series of creative and engaging touch points where Gen Y and Gen X consumers could explore Telstra’s 5G Android devices first-hand.

The Concept

The experience comes to life through the creative narrative of Telstra Wild Things where customers can explore the best 5G phones utilising Google apps to discover more about the world around them.

The activation sees nature reclaiming space in a busy shopping centre. Customers are drawn towards a visually striking experience zone juxtaposed within the man-made environment, transporting them to faraway destinations, and inviting further exploration.

The imaginary worlds were brought to life through collaboration with
cardboard architect Tobias Horrocks and paper artists Ellway Studio.

Creative Execution

Guided by a familiar and cheeky protagonist (Fred the Cockatoo), participants are invited to investigate the wonderfully exotic ecosystems via Telstra’s Android devices.

Each touch-point poses a question with answers being revealed through interaction with Google’s inbuilt apps. This enables customers to discover more than they expect with Telstra’s Android devices and Google’s suite of applications.

Imagination Creative team:
Kate Blank – Creative Director
Ant Newman – Design Director 2D
Deni Martinez – Design Director 3D
Charles Tait – Exec Producer Digital
Ian Silvester – Producer Digital
Christopher Armstrong – Senior Creative Technologist

Fold Theory
Tobias Horrocks – Cardboard Architect

Ellway Studio
Paper Artists

Photography credits – Imagination & Ellway Studio

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