Clemton Park Village

Clemton Park Village

A vibrant new community

Clemton Park Village Stage 3 (CPV3) is the mixed use heart of the Clemton Park Masterplan in Sydney’s inner west. The project is a synthesis of retail, community uses, carparking and residential, which are organised over eight storeys above ground and two basement levels.

The design for CPV3 includes substantial public realm works, with the creation of a public plaza activated by retail uses, that links through to the public green open space in the adjacent Stage 4 development.

Project Brief

Extensive architectural, retail and public spaces throughout the masterplan required the addition of an environmental graphic overlay to establish identity, and to visually tie the site together.

A multitude of materials and executions for the graphics were considered in the intital planning phase, with the intention for the graphic system to be multifunctional, but also being considerate to the site’s heritage and importance it played in Australia’s manufacturing history.

Graphic Concept

Understanding the requirements, and through extensive research, the graphic overlay was developed for the site which was the original Sunbeam Corporation production facility.

Avoiding a literal interpretation the visual concepts drew heavily from the historical patent drawings of Sunbeam’s most famous products, which were abstracted to create a meaningful reference to the original site.

Blade Pattern

One of the most extensively utilised designs used throughout the site is the blade pattern. Like all of the other graphic elements it was created from the schematic plan view drawing of a Sunbeam blender.

It had an interesting geometric form to start with, which lent itself to becoming a repeatable pattern and was further deconstructed depending on its final execution.

It was used as perforated metal screens on the exterior facades and security gates, shot blasted into the through site link flooring and landscaped walling, and also in the large scale printed graphics for the amenities.

Loading Docks

Both of the commercial loading docks received graphics to continue the theming.

The main loading dock for the centre on Sunbeam Street had abstracted graphics that took inspiration from the mixer beaters, while the Coles loading dock received a vintage sunbeam advertisement.

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