Momentum – CommBank’s Sustainability Conference

Momentum - CommBank's sustainability conference

Accelerating Australia’s transition to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Without a healthy society, without a healthy environment, there cannot be healthy business.

But to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world and empower people to thrive on a sustainable and resilient path for our future, we need to accelerate the transition.

That’s why we are helping Commbank create Momentum. An inaugural event to drive new conversations and inspire companies to make critical changes as we create a more sustainable future.

Driving Australia’s ESG Transition

Momentum was created by Imagination on behalf of Commonwealth Bank to accelerate Australia’s transition to a more sustainable future.

Featuring inspiring keynote speakers that included esteemed astrophysicist Professor Brian Cox, documentary filmmaker Chaddon Hunter, and leading CEO’s from Telstra and Qantas, the inaugural event started on a high.

Donna Ingram presented a warm welcome to country, with a captivating and authentic ‘Mother Earth’ performance given by Gumaroy Newman.

The experience offered expert panels, breakout sessions hosted by industry and environmental leaders, and an integrated Innovation HQ exhibition, showcasing some of Australia’s most progressive businesses in the ESG space.

Imagination supported CommBank with every aspect of the program – from branding, strategy, design, programming to build and delivery. Momentum has positioned CommBank as a leading Bank and indeed major Australian corporate in their support of Australia’s journey towards net zero.

Event configuration

Each product showcase was designed as a ‘segment vignette’ with a broadcast in mind. These showcases were tactile, interactive and engaging for our live audience, and became presentation zones for our online broadcast presenters.

Our Mainstage was compact, and once again, designed to create a brilliant broadcast look and feel for the virtual audience. All of the content was created to augment our live speakers, but was equally as impactful full-screen on the virtual platform.

Imagination Creative team:
Dan Simon & Richard Swan – Creative Directors
Ant Newman – Design Director 2D
Yara Karam – Graphic Designer
Jordan Manning-Ferguson – Senior 3D Environmental Designer
Tess Pollock – 3D Environmental Designer
Simon Connell – Motion Creative Director
Prema Weir – Motion Design Director
James Forsyth – Producer

Photography credits – Imagination

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